For the semester group project in my precision machine design class, my group was tasked with designing a machine that could process three cassettes of labs-on-a-chip in an automated fashion. We had to pick out appropriate motors and sensors using dynamics to support our decisions. We had to provide a detailed 3D model of the design, financially justify our expenses, and consider a user interface. The project was presented in two design review presentations in an attempt to replicate industry practice.

Skills Used

  • Solidworks, including motion studies

  • Pro-forma financial analysis

  • Dynamics calculations

  • Basic control theory

  • Project management

  • Presenting in a group



The group successfully designed a machine that could process labs-on-a-chip. Financial analysis showed the machine to be a beneficial investment which would pay for itself in half a year. All findings were presented clearly and the “client” was pleased with the result. More detail can seen in the two design review slideshows available as PDFs from the links below.